Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Laboring days

Perfect gardening weather and a long list of chores meant that much laboring was done over the Labor Day weekend.

Fall-blooming annuals (Argyranthemum frtescans "Vanilla Butterfly") were planted . . .

Clumps of old plants were divided into loads of new plants (here, an unnamed miniature hosta) . . .

Sun-loving plants (Coreopsis "Moonbeam") were moved out of the shade . . .

. . . and shade-loving plants (Anemone blanda "Honorine Jobert" ) were moved out of the sun.

Yes, I have not yet attained happiness in my relationship with these anemones. No amount of water and mulch could prevent the leaves from sun scorch so we're having a trial separation. They've packed their bags and moved to the digitalis and hosta neighborhood in a sheltered back side bed.

Also, the final three dwarf little-leaf hollies (Ilex crenata "Hellerii") were planted in the totally renovated foundation bed along the front of the house. But that's another post.

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