Sunday, September 16, 2007

Yesterday's world

Yesterday, this corner of the garden was easing into fall.

Today, it is a hole. All part of a project to seal the foundation wall.

In between this horticultural being and nothingness, plants were moved to their new holding beds. Here are Siberian and bearded iris divisions awaiting re-planting.

No attempt was made at artful arrangement in their new beds. I just tried to keep various types of plants together so I will be able to assess how they look when it comes time to return them to their former homes. Next to a border of yews, I laid out a strip of Siberian irises "King of Kings" and heirloom peonies (dark pink to left, pale pink to right). These are all closer neighhbors than they should be but, heck, it's only temporary. I will separate the clumps that need to be to be separated when they return to their homes.

Yellow bearded irises joined others of different varieties by the rosebush and, along with a sedum and some daisies, squeezed into the new side bed.

I put aside several buckets' worth of daisies, sedum, and phlox to offer to fellow gardeners. And I noticed that someone had been stashing discarded old divisions behind the compost pile. Those thrifty Yankees!

The only upside to this project is that I will be able to convert the holding beds into growing space when their temporary inhabitants have been returned to their beds. What will I plant? More dahlias, for sure, and I'll show the delicious reasons why in a future post. Oh, I guess that it's healthy to renovate one's garden occasionally, too.

Life goes on.

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