Thursday, October 16, 2014

Daffodil inventory

Perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that, after several years of blithely shovelling dozens and dozens of daffodil bulbs into every available garden bed, when it came to placing this fall's bulb order, I had less than a total recollection of what had been planted where. I knew that there were lots of different varieties of daffodils and that some have petered out over the years while others are going strong. Great.  A few beds sport a single variety of daffodil--"Mount Hood" skirts the back property line and pheasant's eye "Poeticus" hugs the side of the house--but other beds are an absolute jumble.

So to bring some order to this horticultural chaos, I quickly pulled together an inventory of daffodils by location with bloom periods, order history, and remarks noted.  (For a slightly better view, click on the image above.) My goal is to use this reference to better insure coverage in a range of shapes, heights, and colors (well, the latter, perhaps not so much) over the spring months. And I've already started to think about next year's order!