Monday, September 10, 2007

Mood equation: n + (-n) = 0

Happy things:

1. September sedums and succulents, like a big bowl of Sedum rupestre (reflexum), Hen and chicks Sempervivum sp., and Sedum spurium "Fuldaglut."

2. The contrast of the slender leaves of Siberian irises with the tiny flower heads and foliage colors of sedums "Autumn Joy" and "Vera Jamison."

Unhappy things:

1. Harvesting buckets of rocks from new holding beds.

2. The reason for new holding beds: a foundation excavation in order to address periodic basement flooding. Most of the perennials in this bed will have to be moved. Oh, yes, a French drain is also being trenched through the adjacent lawn.

I'm just glad that my mood balance is at zero. That's a plus.

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