Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring, sprung

At the end of March, midway between the traditional planting times of St. Patrick's Day and Good Friday, I dropped a row of sweet pea seeds in front of the trellis. My sweet pea planting protocol is pretty standard: it involves digging in a couple of shovelfuls of garden compost or composted cow manure in the fall and spring and soaking the pea seeds overnight before spacing them about 1/2 inch deep. Then I water, watch, and wait. About two weeks later, the first seedlings cut through the soil. Now, there is a row of sweet little sweet pea plants. Real leaves, with hints of twining and clambering to come, have appeared.

While these seedlings are carefully and deliberately working towards maturity, the rest of this garden bed is celebrating a riotous spring. It looks like everyone just piled in, mixed themselves up, and let loose. That's what makes a good party!

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C4 said...

I have to admit that waiting for the peas to come up is one of the hardest gardening waits for me. When they do finally emerge it marks an important first stage shift from winter to spring. Glad to see yours are doing well!