Sunday, April 05, 2009

Bad karma continues

What is my bad karma with amaryllises this year? Bulbs have been lost to rot while chilling in the refrigerator, before throwing out blooms, and even while in bloom. I just don't understand. The bulbs weren't over-watered. What is the well-intended action from my ignorant mind that creates these unpleasant results?

The latest case in point: here's the second scape of my "Minerva" plant. Rotten. Red. And, unfortunately, stretching out from the center of the bulb.

My response was to cut off the scape and then dust the bulb with a copper fungicide (Bordeaux replacement). An act of pure desperation and panic.

After that, all I can do is to seek right action, or at least lots of sunlight and a little fertilizer.

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