Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flashing upon that inward eye

Okay, I admit it.  This year I am a glutton for daffodils. Why is that?   Feeding that yellow flower sweet tooth? Hyperglycemia from a jolt of William Wordworth's sugary poetry? Jonesing for a taste of spring?

The daffodil varieties currently in bloom are "Mount Hood," "Ice King," "Hawera," Marieke," "White Medal," "Tete a Tete," and "Pheasant's Eye." Eye candy follows. 

"White Medal"


"Pheasant's eye narcisssus" (Narcissus poeticus)

"Ice King"

Whatever the reason, these guys give me a rush!

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Aisling said...

Ah, we have the some of the same things blooming. I recently blogged about Purple Prince tulip and Poet's Narcissus. Your photos are wonderful, and my wish list is growing as I see the wonderful variety of blooms here!

I found your blog on my dear friend Nan's sidebar. :)

~ Aisling