Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Snowdrop squalls

Now that we can almost reach out and touch our average last frost date up in this part of Zone 6, the snow season should be over. A happy exception: this little flurry of snowdrops that blankets a portion of my back hill. Each of these clumps started out as a single bulb about a decade ago.

The white flowers catch the light and practically sparkle on a sunny day.

In order for the foliage to ripen after blooming, I allow the grass around them (and later appearing bluebells) to grow undisturbed until the fourth of July. Then the world's smallest meadow is mowed.

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Northern Shade said...

The snowdrops must love your yard, since they have naturalized so well. They look good in a group, as well as the up close views of the lovely snowy petals.