Monday, June 19, 2006

Stake, edge, prune, stake, edge . . .

A few hours of the garden grind this weekend. The weather was unbearably oppressive, the mosquitoes were thirsty for blood, and all the beds needed attention.

Here's what I can check off on my "to-do" list: (1) stake the dahlia from VPS, Sr., that's visiting my new bed--what happened to its friend? (2) edge the back bed, trying to separate the grass from the creeping, burrowing, and arching profusion of lily-of-the-valley and sweet woodruff, (3) edge the daylily bed along the side of the house and sprinkle the plants with 10-10-10, (4) toss peat moss on the new bed and the front walk beds, (5) stake up the daisies and phlox at the back of the house and the daisies, ladybells, and phlox in the old side bed, (6) deadhead irises and columbines, and (7) weed, weed, weed. Payback time is far off!

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