Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Siberian irises

The Siberian irises have been in bloom for a week and will probably continue for another. I love them but I'm not sure that the feeling is reciprocated. It's one of those uncomprending motherly devotions--I have absolutely no clue as to how or why these specific plants are affected by light, water, or fertilizer or by frequency of division. On occasion, I've separated and replanted a healthy clump, only to have the new plants disappear like a teenager silently easing out the back door.

I provide as much water as possible and mulch the irises in the spring with compost, peat moss, or composted cow manure. In the fall, I cut the leaves down to about three inches.


"Eric the Red"

"Caesar's Brother" (Thanks, AWC!)

"King of Kings"

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