Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raised vegetable gardening

Last year, thanks to a tomato volunteer that sprouted in my compost pile, I found myself to be an accidental vegetable gardener. And I have to admit that for several weeks, it was pretty darned nice to be able to pack a handful of just-picked tomatoes into my brown bag lunch every morning.

So this year, I decided to be a bit more intentional in my vegetable gardening. Rather than simply be grateful that a tomato plant had squeezed its way out of my compost pile, I decided that I would shoehorn a few plants into a sunny spot in the garden. First, though, I had to make a little space, which I did by resting a bluestone slab over a window well. This sort-of raised bed supports two large pots of "Sungold" cherry tomatoes; a third pot of "Sugary" grape tomatoes rests on the curb of an adjacent window well.

The arched bamboo supports are a whimsy, playing off of the rounded rose arbor and trellis. Maybe I'm still having just a little difficulty acknowledging that these plants are functional rather than merely decorative. I'm sure that I'll come around by harvest in 60 days!


Nan said...

The pots look just great! Perfect use of that space. The slab is a good idea, and the supports fit in beautifully. You have a really creative eye! I love this garden addition/complement.

Doctor Mom said...

Thanks, Nan! When do you start planting out tomatoes up north?

Michelle said...

There are many possibilities for edibles that also look beautiful. Swiss chard, asparagus, nasturtiums, cabbage, parsley, sage. . . this is only the tip of the iceberg of edibles that you could sneak in among ornamentals. Enjoy your tomatoes!

Doctor Mom said...

I'm liking your idea, Michelle!