Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preventive care, the garden variety

Maybe I'm bringing my work home too much. I just submitted my chapter on "Preventive Care" for publication in The New Museum Registration Methods, 5th edition, so preservation is on my mind.

Last night, temperatures down into the 30s were forecast. So I applied some garden-variety preventive care to my newly-planted tomatoes in order to protect them from the cold: "Micro-environments can be produced to maintain desired temperature and RH levels within small areas . . . a quantity of cellulosic materials may be incorporated into the object’s container in order to buffer fluctuations in RH and temperature."

Works for museum collections and works for tomato plants--particularly when, by chance, your newspaper wrapping celebrates "A Night at the Museum"!

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Commonweeder said...

It was only the newly planted squash plants that minded the 34 degree night. The tomatoes were fine, but I appreciated your tomato protection. I also appreciate your list of Massachusetts bloggers!