Sunday, July 13, 2008

The accidental vegetable gardener

Except for the occasional pot of herbs, I am determinedly not a vegetable gardener. Oh, there was a time, many years ago, when I tolerated a few tomato plants, but I soon enough decided that I'd much rather have the visual enjoyment of flowers to the culinary pleasure of fresh vegetables. I'm happy to support our local farmers' market.

But, the other morning as I was weeding along this bed of daylilies, I discovered that I was a vegetable gardener after all.

Well, a vegetable gardener of very modest inclinations. The compost bin at the end of the daylily bed had sprouted a tomato plant.

A wayward tomato seed from our kitchen refuse managed to keep its roots wet, warm, and well nourished inside while it sent a sprawl of stalks out through a slit in the side in the bin.

This tomato plant has even set a few blossoms. Will staking be the next step? And, then, perhaps, fresh tomatoes?

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