Monday, June 09, 2008

Exponential explosion: 3 Days of Rain + (90 Degrees + Sunshine) = Peoniesn

The math is simple. Hot weather following wet days results in an overnight explosion of peony blooms.

After interminable lingering, with the slow march of time marked by the meandering of ants over the buds, all the flowers fully opened. Instantly. It happened so quickly that there was no time even to clip a few flowers for a bouquet. This year, the show is outdoors.

Because peonies seem to be such old-fashioned flowers--and rightly so, given the longevity of single plants--I follow some old-fashioned guidance for their care.

The 1947 edition of Roy E. Biles' "The Complete Book of Garden Magic" strikes just the right tone, even if we suburbanites can no longer burn our wilted peony foliage.

This is the rare book that combines useful information, strong narrative voice, and charming illustrations. It gets the math.


Hadias said...

Good for you. The Peonies are beautiful. I hear the skies rumbling outside my window. I hope that the rain comes pouring down. I'd love to experience an explosion in my garden. We've had temps over 100 degrees. I have been working really hard to keep everything irrigated and moist.

It's nice to see that you are getting a little irrigation help from the heavens.

Doctor Mom said...

Hope that you receive some rainy relief--and cooler temperatures--soon. So hot so early in the summer?!

sms said...
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Northern Shade said...

Your peonies look great. I love looking at all of the peony photos now. Each time I have to click and enlarge the photos to see the multitude of petals up close, admire their pink beauty,look for ants scurrying around, and smile as typically the blooms bend ever closer to the ground.
You're right, the fact they are old fashioned and connect us to gardeners and garden writers of the past is appealing too.