Sunday, July 22, 2007

So this is summer . . .

What's not to love about a glorious summer weekend? My pleasures are simple. This chaotic medley of sanvitalia "Sunbini," Cape daisy Osteospernum "Lemon Symphony," yarrow Achillea x "Summer Wine," and mealy-cup sage Salvia farinacea "Victoria Blue" makes me smile.

Up close, it's clear why these plants are so compatiable. The dark eye of the Cape daisy echoes the blue of the sage and the maroon of the yarrow. Although not visible in this detail, the tiny yellow flowers and reddish stems of the sanvitalia add more depth.

Other sources of happiness: the ever-changing kaleidoscopic show of daylilies . . .

. . . and the first dahlia of the season, "Matthew Juul." After my very unsuccessful attempt to over-winter dahlia tubers, I am a convert to just treating them like annuals. Yes, I am totally lacking moral fiber. Easy way? That's the path for me!

What glorious weather it was for working in the garden. Long over-due tasks can now be checked off the list: tie up and fertilize the dahlias, deadhead the shasta daisies, mulch the summersweet and forsythia bed, spread compost around the base of the Pieris japonica and dogwood, prune and fertilize the climbing rose, and weed, weed, weed!

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carletongardener said...

I love your color combination of the yellow daisy, maroon yarrow and blue salvia. Really nice! Also that maroon and yellow daylily is awesome. So nice to have the gardens in full mid-summer bloom.

I also have trouble over-wintering most dahlias. I have one very large orange one that my dad gave me years ago that is easy to save, but any new ones I buy just disappear. I dig the tubers from new ones and save them, but they usually peter out the second year and I loose them. If you do find one that does really well for you, you could try again with over-wintering as I think maybe big clumps are what work best for over wintering. However, who can argue with the easy annual approach.