Saturday, July 07, 2007

Seven random things on the seventh day of the seventh month, 2007

Horticultural wizard and eye-opening photographer, Carleton Gardener, over at Skippy's Vegetable Garden tagged me. What fun!

But how to organize my thoughts sufficiently to pull seven random facts from the mental chaos? Here's what's at the top of the jumble:

1. I trained as an archaeologist and have excavated in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Pennsylvania. Now, I work in a museum and dig in my garden.

2. Experiential learning about gardening came to an early abrupt end after I planted potatoes among my mother's climber and hybrid tea roses. I stuck to potted plants for many years afterwards.
(Yes, it's always the mother's fault . . . )

3. In graduate school, I had a little garden in front of my row house in West Philadelphia. The only plants that I could get to grow were impatiens and monarda. Man, that was one ugly garden.

4. My childhood dog was a beagle/terrier mix named Shrimpy.

5. Swimming is my sport, and I have the broad shoulders to show for it. I raced competitively as a kid (breaststroke and freestyle) but now restrict myself to ocean swimming. I love strong surf.

6. I also love sushi. Maybe I'm part seal?

7. Places that I've lived: Chevy Chase (MD), Philadelphia (PA), Oxford (UK), Brookline (MA), and Belmont (MA). My dream house is somewhere along the coast in Little Compton (RI), and its garden is full of challenging plants--delphiniums, sweet peas, roses, oriental lilies, lady's slippers--all flourishing.

I'll have to play tag later . . . time to visit an iris nursery . . . and work in the garden!

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carletongardener said...

What fun to read random things about what you've done. It sounds like you are a serious expert on the subterranean. Thanks for playing tag (though you highly exaggerate my skills). That house in RI sounds really nice!