Friday, May 04, 2007

Spring sunshine

We are enjoying a welcome string of bright spring days. That yellow sunshine is reflected in some cheerful flowers.

A few Tulipa tarda or wild tulips remain from a batch planted about 10 years ago. The blooms so love the sun that they don't bother to open on overcast days.

A line of Narcissus poeticus, interplanted with daylilies, edges one side of the house.

After the reticulata have departed, a few later-blooming irises appear in my front garden. I think these are Iris bucharica.

And this weekend, I'm planning to begin planting my new side hedge with this Forsythia x intermedia "Lynwood Gold." This variety, with an upright habit, is nothing special, but I hope it will serve as a good landscape anchor--and I'm looking forward to forcing flowers indoors next winter.

Time to get busy outside!

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