Monday, May 21, 2007

The peony and the pea

I planted a row of "Old Spice" sweet peas back on April 1. By May 3, a slightly wobbly line of young plants had appeared.

These sprouts are wedged in tight quarters between a window well, house wall, dianthus, and peony. And there's the squeeze . . . as the peony grows taller, it blocks out light to the peas behind it. By today, the peas were only about four inches high. They have a long stretch in order to tendril up that trellis.

So, as always, I slipped a few nursery plants in at both ends of the line. A bucket of compost was troweled in before three specimens of "Royal Mix" were added. Both varieties should yield a jumble of white, pink, red, and violet blooms, or some portion thereof.

Now that looks better--almost like these plants like it back there!

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diana said...

I'm looking forward to seeing the sweet peas!