Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Small pleasures

Some small pleasures tucked away in my garden are coming into bloom.

This dark-leaved coral bells Heuchera "Chocolate Ruffles" would be almost invisible if not for its fizzy white flowers. Because it's in the shadow of a yew, it's easy to pass by. You have to work a little for this pleasure.

What a delightful surprise to discover this wild columbine growing under the evergreens.

These reclusive blossoms remind me of childhood summer trips to the Chesapeake Bay. While my father was attending board meetings of a YMCA camp, the rest of us would explore the sandy bluffs overlooking the water. At the right time and with the right attention to one's surroundings, these red flowers could be glimpsed. They bring back memories of travelling in our tail-finned station wagon, scooping up sea nettles, and stopping for sherbet at a roadside stand with swinging screen doors and fruit machines.

Another wildflower that blooms without any human intervention is the mayapple. Every spring, a line of them forms along the back fence. I'm glad that they let me share their turf.

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carletongardener said...

I love your Heuchera! A very nice variety. And its nice to see a mayapple blossom. I see many mayapples leaves around, but never the flower. I didn't know what it looked like.