Sunday, March 25, 2007

Orchid passion

You know that you're slightly obsessed when you take vacation time just to be near the front of the line for the local orchid sale.

Witness the scene at the Lyman Estate in Waltham this weekend. There were clearly experts in attendance, but also a few novices like me. ("Would I like a Care Sheet? Yes, how did you know?") All were single-minded hunters searching for their prey.

Here's what I scored . . .

The perfect combination of my curious fixation on epiphytes and my fondness for dark red flowers, this mahogany-colored Dendrobium Burana Min x Blue Twinkle.

And just because its blooms are so very white and its stems so graceful, a nameless white Phalenopsis.

A bit like that scene at the end of The Graduate. I acted on passion. Now what?

1 comment:

carletongardener said...

Beautiful! I also have a nameless white phaleanopsis - one of my best bloomers.