Saturday, March 03, 2007

Thanks, Mother Nature

After hours of hard rain yesterday, this morning dawned clear and bright. Looking up at the blue sky, you would swear that yesterday's storm had never happened. Looking down, however, Mother Nature's incriminating evidence was everywhere . . .

Yes, so what about the channel cut through the snow along the edge of my new foundation bed? That erosion can't be good.

Or the rainwater that sluiced over the frozen lawn and poured into the basement? That definitely wasn't good.

Does the sight of these bejewelled dianthus leaves make up for the wet carpet hauling, soggy newspaper gathering, and furniture moving?

Not even close.

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carletongardener said...

Hi Dr Mom. I just found you on the garden blog directory map and noticed that I live in the same town as you! I hope your basement is dry now, though I imagine everything has frozen pretty solid in your yard, like mine.