Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rain garden

Basement flooding + a damp spot in the lawn + visiting gardens in Japan last summer + hedge removal = rain garden

Over the past two years, a boggy spot has developed in the back lawn. The turf seems to float on a bed of water. Step down and your foot sinks several wet inches. When cutting the grass, the mower blade slows to a paddle. All signs are trending swampy.

In researching what to do before beloved family members, lawn furniture, and visiting wildlife became trapped in this quagmire, I came upon several articles about rain gardens, specialized gardens designed to mitigate stormwater run-off and reduce pollutants in the water. The Brooklyn Botanic Garden is a particularly concise source of information.

So now I am thinking about how to create a new bed extending from the side property line to the boggy area.

However, because a French drain may have to go in next to the house in late summer, I will probably have to restrict myself this year to a few plants along the property line . . . though I can't resist sticking a few Iris versicolor smack into the boggy area. The tightly-mown lawn will be sporting a goofy cowlick!

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carletongardener said...

HI, Your plans sound great. Its fun to read them. I've always wanted a forsythia. I had to Google French drain to figure that one out (a trench filled with gravel near the house). I really like your flower bog garden design - I hope that works out.