Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lawn enamelling

What is with the Financial Times? I used to associate that salmon-colored daily with boring blah-blah-blah accounts of the coal crisis in Silesia and pork belly futures in Singapore. But then I discovered the weekend edition with its witty writing by classicist-cum-horticulturalist Robin Fox Lane and periodic features about exotic gardens in north Wales, the Royal Horticultural Society Chelsea Flower Show (on now!), and the like.

Earlier this month, Jane Owen wrote about "enamelled" lawns of non-flowering grasses. I have a small space set aside for such a wildflower lawn. In the spring, this area is covered with flowering squills and snowdrops. As their foliage ripens, all sorts of other grassy stuff springs up. Currently, it's at the height of henbit, buttercup, and clover. A mowing in early July brings it back to balance. I love this patch of meadow--but I love boring blah-blah-blah lawns, too.


Anonymous said...

The highlight of my Saturday reading is Robin Lane Fox's column. It makes my FT subscription cost worthwhile (well, I also love Mrs. Moneypenny).
I enjoy your blog.

Doctor Mom said...

I agree! Mrs. Moneypenny always makes me laugh, and Robin Lane Fox always intrigues me--did you read him on Emily Dickinson's garden?--that's a brave academic, indeed!