Monday, May 10, 2010

Late breaking news

Despite tonight's frost advisory--yes, freezing temperatures in May are part of what passes for spring in New England--the season is actually running about two weeks earlier than usual.

As a result, those fall-blooming plants that are very late to break their dormancy are already in full leaf. This Clethra alnifolia "September Beauty" is covered with glossy chartreuse leaves.

Nearby, Eupatorium maculatum (Joe Pye Weed) "Gateway" is racing upwards to its towering maturity. This year, I will be following some well-tended techniques to keep the height of this giant in check. Pinch, pinch, snip, snip.

And just about to break are these fat peony buds. Now, that will be headline news!


Nan said...

My poor bleeding hearts are suffering from growing too early! The frost last night bent the flower stalks right over. I'll have to cut them, I fear.

Window On The Prairie said...

It's cooler than normal here too. We did have our first salad from the garden last night though. I was so excited, I did a blog post about it.