Monday, January 18, 2010

Potting up, kicking off, and over the top!

When last seen back in October, my old amaryllis bulbs were headed into the refrigerator for three months of dark and chilly hibernation. Yesterday, I pulled them out. Absolutely no signs of rot and decay! Applying that copper fungicide seems to have worked. You might question the logic of storing bags of chemically-treated bulbs next to organic celery and free range eggs--but in an "I hate to cook" way, it definitely makes sense to me! That's what cognitive dissonance is there for, anyways.

I planted the bulbs in their pots, watered well, and set them in a south-facing window over a warm radiator.

Hoping for some good ju-ju (and more success than last year), I tucked the baby "Minerva" bulb into a little pot given to me many Mother's Days ago (back when I had black eyes and wore blue lipstick) by one of my own off-spring.

Meanwhile, this new amaryllis "Temptation" is kicking off the amaryllis season just right--over the top!


Puffincentral said...

Advice please! Have left the amaryllis in their pots while the tops die off - haven't watered them at all - can't put them in fridge with chemicals on + no room in there. We have a bone-dry, very cold, windowless walk-in closet where we keep the coats,gardening equipment etc: would that do once the last of the foiliage has gone? Do I take them out of the pots?

Doctor Mom said...

Here's what I'm thinking: those plants need to first go through a period of bulb revitalization before they go into dormancy. I keep mine on a south-facing window sill from the end of their bloom in February or March until mid-October. I soak (rather than top water) the pots every week or so, just like a houseplant. If I remember, I put them outside in June and fertilize every couple of weeks. Hopefully, the bulbs will sprout green leaves during that period. Then, in October, I take them out of the pots, cut off the leaves, and clean up roots prior to storage in the refrigerator, I think that the temperature just has to be 40-50 degrees fahrenheit--5-10 degrees celsius, I think. Does your closet get that cold? I would put mine in the attic or garage, but I think that the temperate goes well below there during our New England winters. Keep me posted!

Commonweeder said...

Someday I am going to get straight how to bring amaryllis back into bloom. I've read so much about this this winter that I think I might have the system down, but I didn't buy an amaryllis this year. I hope I can remember till next year. Your is so beautiful!

Doctor Mom said...

Thanks! If I can do this (with some success), the more talented gardeners out there definitely can!

Commonweeder said...

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