Sunday, January 17, 2010

Jewel tones

After almost 12 weeks of cooling in the refrigerator, the hyacinth bulbs are ready for forcing.

The three different varieties have slightly different colored bulbs: "L'Innocence" is white, "Gipsy Queen" is tinged with pink, and "Lady Derby" is a deep purple. But right now, the best part is just enjoying the bulbs in their glass forcing vases. And, if they bloom, great!

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Kyna said...

The colours in this picture are so beautiful! :)

I tried to store a few bulbs over the winter last year, and that definitely didn't work. Plus, I have only one sunny window (which I talked about in one of my posts), which doesn't help for indoor forcing. :(

Love the blog, stop by and check mine out if you like :D