Monday, August 17, 2009

So sweet, so red, so bountiful

Happily, it's hard to keep up with the abundance of container-grown cherry and grape tomatoes. We pick a few handfuls for dinner every night and, the next evening, there are still more to harvest.

Tying up branches, pinching out yellowed foliage, and reaching between the leaves for ripe tomatoes immerses you in that special tomato smell--the perfume of summer! And these "Sugary" grape tomatoes taste pretty darn good, too.


Nan said...

Beautiful! Our one plant is doing well too, but I've been reading about a tomato and potato blight. It seems to be here and there, hit or miss, with some gardens not affected and other gardeners who have to pull all their tomatoes. Even Martha Stewart writes about it.

Commonweeder said...

I have been able to harvest some cherry tomatoes, but most of my regular tomato crop was hit by Late Blight. That is sad in a home garden, but a real financial disaster for some of the local farmers.

Doctor Mom said...

I wonder if the late blight affects cherry tomatoes or just full sized one? (So sorry to hear that you were hit by this beast, Commonweeder.)