Sunday, November 30, 2008

Small stuff

In keeping with the very small amount of time spent in the garden over this long weekend, I'm sharing some of the small plants that I missed tending.

A frosty grouping of Thymus serpyllum Coccineus, Vinca minor "Alba," and fallen beech leaves.

The needle-like leaves of Dianthus gratianopolitanus "Firewitch" enclose a dried bud.

I did manage to transfer these tiny sedums and hen-and-chicks from their summertime planter to a sunny corner of the garden. Hopefully, they'll over-winter fine beneath the snow.

Lots of reasons, some happy (friends, family, and sweet potato pie) and some not (flight cancellations and sleety weather), for allowing time to slip by. So it goes.


Aiyana said...

Lovely photos with the frost.

Michelle said...

Beautiful photos! (I was out taking photos that same frosty day, I think - Haha!)