Monday, November 24, 2008

Cold snap/ice crack

Just a week ago, it was 55 degrees and sunny. I was giving my sweet pea trellis a spruce-up coat of paint and setting it in place for spring planting.

This weekend, the temperature tumbled down to 18 degrees at night. I was caught unprepared--my garden hoses and clay pots of annuals were still outside. First, everything had to be dragged into the basement to thaw. Then, the pots were emptied and their contents sent to the compost pile. The hoses spit out chunks of ice as they were drained. Yes, it was an ugly sight and not just because of the environs.

Warmer weather is forecast for the next few days. I'm hoping for a little raking and snipping time in the back quarter acre over the long holiday weekend.


Nan said...

You won the book giveaway (The Coffin Trail) on my blog!

Laurie said...

I love gardening. Definitely I need to catch up on your archives.