Thursday, September 18, 2008

Under my 'Skin

Back in the spring, I thought that I was planting a garden in hues of apricot, dark red, and blue. Wrong. Little did I know that I am actually wild about all plants burgundy and yellow. And believe me, it goes much, much deeper than a crush on the coleus and Helenium "Dakota Gold" blooming away on my blog header.

To begin with, there is a container of Lysimachia "Outback Sunset" and Calibrachoa "Superbells Red" (above) and "Midi Mariana" dahlias and coleus "Florida Sun Splash" (below) posted on my back step.

In the same range of colors, this "Raz-Ma-Taz" dahlia shows off in front of a curtain of very tall yellow Helenium.

But my favorite example--my favorite dahlia this summer and maybe my favorite dahlia ever--is this oh-so-perfect "Normandy Painted Pearl." It floats like a luminous waterlily, tethered only by a delicate purple stem. It's so tall--about six feet--that looking up at the blooms, I feel somewhat like I'm under water. The petals shade from lemon to rose.

So, good doctor, what explains my subconscious obsession with burgundy and gold? Yearning to relive the color palette of 60's? Channeling the local high school team colors? Or, no, those of my hometown football players, the Washington Redskins. Hmmmm . . .


diana said...

That raz-ma-taz dahlia is so gorgeous.

Nan said...

Beautiful is the only word. I love all your flowers. This is my first dahlia year, and they are quite wonderful. I think I agree with your favorite. I can see this dahlia love can get out of hand. :<)

Aiyana said...

Beautiful photos. The dahlia is so pretty. It's probably good they don't grow here, or my whole backyard would be filled with them.


Doctor Mom said...

Yes, dahlias can be addictive--and an entire backyard full would be dazzling!