Saturday, September 06, 2008

Battening down the hatches

Like much of the East Coast, our weekend weather forecast up here in New England anticipates heavy rains, flash floods, and strong winds. Battening down the garden necessitated a few busy hours. Annuals were deadheaded with the hope that a good drenching rain might spur another flush of flowers. Blossoms that would likely not withstand rough weather were collected. As if an excuse was needed to gather these dahlias!

Some indoor time was used to drink a cup of Cafe El Indio and place a fall bulb order: single early tulips (Princess Irene, Purple Prince, and Beauty Queen), hyacinths (Gypsy Queen, Pink Pearl, and L'Innocence), paperwhites (Ziva), and irises (I. danfordiae).

A good way to weather the storm!

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