Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seed season

It's the seed-collecting season. The biggest yield always comes from larkspur. By harvest time, the dried stalks are a real eyesore--parched, dessicated, and leafless. Shaking the seed heads into a paper bag catches most but not all. Those that fall free will sprout next spring.

After replenishing the bed with cow manure, in go a slew of annuals. Well, one annual, just a lot of it. Agastache "Color Spires Orchid" should carry along this corner of the garden into early fall.


Ernestine said...

I have been reading your online journal. Found it on "Lettersfromahillfarm" I love Nan's journal.
Anyway I am so envious of your Larkspur. One of my favorite flowers and my penname.
Have not had good luck with them.
Maybe in my new city cottage.

Doctor Mom said...

I totally agree with you about larkspur! It's worth putting up with the "setting seed" spell in order to enjoy the preceding bloom. And the perfect flower for a cottage garden--in the city or elsewhere!