Friday, August 15, 2008

Why it's called a raingarden

How, you might ask, has the raingarden been handling this wet, wet summer? Absolutely thriving. During a recent sunny interval, it was strutting its stuff. Yes, that's water from a recent shower pooled along both edges. This near end with the blue flag irises is definitely damper than the far end that's anchored by Joe Pye weed. An underground stream keeps this corner wet even without rain.

Okay, the shape of the bed is rather too angular and plants look young. But after all, they are just getting their feet wet this first summer. I'm simply pleased that it is possible to grow something flowery in such a damp, poorly drained place. Only one plant hasn't flourished--my mallows are just a blink bigger than when they were transplanted back in May. A few more leaves, perhaps, but not much taller. A purple lobelia might be substituted next summer.

For height, I have to rely on this Joe Pye weed "Gateway." Like a gangly teenager, it's a little scrawny now but should fill out just fine. I'm ready to push this experiment further.


Nan said...

It sure was the perfect summer for that garden to get started. Your mallow looks like tree mallow, is it? We've been talking about how well things have done with all the rain, and are wondering if maybe the old 'inch a week' of water isn't enough. I mean, things have grown okay before, but not so luxuriantly and prolifically as this summer. We think we're going to water more next year unless of course we get as much rain as we did this summer.

Doctor Mom said...

I defer to your great knowledge on all matters mallow. I'm not sure what kind it is. Do you grow tree mallow?

Nan Ondra said...

I see another Nan has made it here before me. Well, no matter: I'm so glad you left a link to your raingarden posts over at Gardening Gone Wild. How fun to see the progression of your plans and plantings over the seasons!