Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hippeastrum hubris

Even if I can claim only a few accomplishments this season, I will be able to pat myself on the back for taking amaryllis bulbs from here . . .

. . . to here. So that I don't appear overly self-satisfied and thereby draw her retribution for my prideful ways, however, I guess that I should acknowledge some help here from Mother Nature. Okay, done.

Formalities aside, I'd like to introduce two plants that have attained their second year of bloom. The bright red one, above, threw up two stalks carrying loads of blossoms. Judging from its streaky peppermint candy colored flowers, the plant below most likely is "Minerva." My late aunt, EMS, who tended her own amaryllises with devotion--or perhaps slight compulsion--if that's how a gardener who moved her potted plants throughout the day to best catch the sun can be characterized--sent "Minerva" to me during her final winter. My solicitations have been less conscientious, but still yielded a little legacy.

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