Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Thank goodness for amaryllises! What would winter be without such floral exuberance? These sirens exist to lure us away from the reality of snow, sleet, and frost.

An unnamed variety--maybe "Pink Impression"--celebrated New Year's Day here.

Currently, I am intoxicated with the deep red cabernet sauvingnon blossoms of "Royal Velvet." You could become lost in the dark centers of those blooms.

Three bulbs from last year spent the past nine weeks chilling in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, one of these, "Picotee," emerged with some blotchy red signs of fungal disease. Last year, its foliage ended the growing season spotted and discolored. Enough. That bulb was pitched.

The other two, a bright red and a striped red, were planted in a potting soil and peat moss mix, well watered, and set on a warm radiator next to a south-facing window. In a couple of months, they should be in flower.

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