Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pinks of perfection

There are a lot of pink flowers in my garden. A real lot, especially since I don't consider myself a pink person. I put in one pink blooming plant, added another, then realized that a third would look great next to the others . . . and so on, down the slippery slope.

This deep pink peony is a division from a colleague's homestead in Vermont. (Thanks, SF!) The petals are a rich raspberry color with edges tinged almost silver. It's been slowly increasing each year--but won't we all take our time when we're 70 years old?

Perennial dianthus "Bewitched" rings the feet of another pink peony. By cutting back after the first bloom, I can usually extract a smaller second season. As well as its cheerful flowers, it boasts delicate blue-green foliage.

Self-sowing larkspur has moved closer to the similarly hue "New Dawn" roses.

Above the retaining wall in the front, little fuchsia Allium ostrowskianum are growing in a bed of white-flowering vinca.

Worth replanting bulbs every year!

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Kristi said...

Beautiful, I have just recently become obsessed with Peonies. They are so beautiful, I'll be planting them next year.