Friday, June 29, 2007

Honduras horticulture

Just back from the third annual community service project in El Paraiso, Honduras. Lots of moving dirt and digging holes, but for a kindergarten in Lainez, not for a garden.

Nevertheless, it's difficult not to notice the surrounding plant life. The brilliant colors sparkled in the tropical sunshine.

A yellow thistle-like plant was in bloom in the plaza at Lainez . . .

At the kindergarten at Los Tablones, a pink lily was in full flower . . .

a yellow canna lily was beginning to open . . .

and a red canna lily glistened after the morning rain.

Up in these mountains, bromiliads dotted the tree branches. Pines along the ridge road through Los Tablones sported orange-flowering Tillandsia species.

And at Lainez, a Tillandsia fasciculata was just budding up among the branches of a mango tree.

Everywhere, little wildflowers could be seen. I could identify a star sedge . . .

. . . but forgot to ask about the names of these others.

Maybe next year.

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