Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Early orders! Huh?

Maybe the calendar says mid-April, but the current weather in New England does not shout "Go plant!" Nevertheless, the plant orders have started to arrive. Last week, a box of Iris versicolor came from Lilypons. Yesterday, it was dahlias from Lobaugh's. Today, Swan Island Dahlias is sending plants.

Okay, who is planting dahlias this early in Zone 6? One of my favorite old references, "The Complete Book of Garden Magic" by Roy E. Biles (1947), advises against an early rush to plant dahlias. Isn't that a job for May?

And I guess that I'll wait for the snow, sleet, and rain forecast for tomorrow to disappear before putting those irises in. Right?


carletongardener said...

Me too. I usually plant my dahlias in May. But I bet they probably could go in now in a sunny warm area since the soil isn't going to freeze anymore. And it'll take a couple weeks til they sprout above the soil.

Let's hope the storms coming our way are all rain! I'm tired of snow.

Nice yellow iris!

Doctor Mom said...

Thanks for the advice! Please post when you plant your dahlias. What varities do you grow?

carletongardener said...

I just have one great big (8 ft tall!) orange one. I've had it at least 10 years now. I usually plant it when I plant my tomatoes (May 1), but may plant earlier this year.