Monday, November 27, 2006

Fall's last light

Fall's last light in the last field falls now--
A yellow butterfly. A yellow leaf . . .
Nothing we haven't lost before.

"The Garden," David Daniels

Over the weekend, we put the garden to sleep. Perennials were trimmed, herbs were transplanted, pots were washed and stored, compost was scattered over the flower beds and cow manure over the lilies of the valley, acid-loving bushes were fertilized with HollyTone, and the lawn was raked and mown.

Thanks to the blessing of mild weather and the harnessed energies of a teenage boy, both garden and gardener eased comfortably into the season's end.

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diana said...

I hope you both enjoyed a nice cup of hot cocoa after all your work. I trimmed my rose bushes this weekend!