Sunday, April 19, 2015

Boston Strong (and small and slow)

According to yesterday's news broadcast, this year's harsh winter has stalled us several weeks' behind our usual seasonal spring schedule.  So the blue and yellow markings of these little Iris reticulata "Katherine Hodgkin" typically don't unfurl in synchrony with the colorful celebration of the Boston Marathon.

Iris reticulata "Katherine Hodgkin" looking up
Finish Line, Old North Church, looking up

Welcome signs of spring!  Several clutches of "Katherine Hodgkin" have survived for years in the beds along our front walk. Their tiny blooms are the perfect size for passers-by to appreciate as they go up or down the street. Surrounded by darker myrtle plants, these irises' pale petals and spattering of yellow and blue visually pop--but pop delicately and without the hard garishness of some other spring starters.

Iris reticulata "Katherine Hodgkin" from above

Some years these irises flourish better than others. This spring, I've prepped for next year by freely feeding the beds with a 3-5-3 fertilizer. But I'm thinking that the best way to hasten my yield would simply be to plant another 200 or so bulbs.  

Iris reticulata "Katherine Hodgkin" 
And godspeed to all the runners tomorrow!

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