Friday, May 24, 2013

Green is the theme

I am so looking forward to digging around in the garden this long holiday weekend.  It's been weeks and weeks since I scrabbled dirt under my nails, shoveled compost, and kicked into the rhythm of edging flower beds. Throughout this past month, I've been on the road for reasons of business or pleasure (not that I'm complaining for a moment about the latter) and, along the way, have been subjected to all shades of late spring. Everywhere, green is the theme.

Wind, cold, and rain in Chicago

Prickly pears heating up in Phoenix, Arizona

Spring attempting a jailbreak in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Happy with the homefolks in Hunt Valley, Maryland


Courtney said...

Your posts are extremely helpful and beautiful.Do you grow all of the flowers shown in you pictures? You have quite a green thumb! Thank you for posting.

Doctor Mom said...

Thanks for your kind comment, Courtney! Yes, except for vacation photos of southwestern deserts or lush southern foliage, I do grow everything that's posted about.