Saturday, February 04, 2012

The tall and short of it

This photo could practically be a consumer product test.  The John Scheepers amaryllis bulb on the left was planted in early December.  Two months later, this bulb is just beginning to send up a stalk.  The White Flower Farm bulb on the right was started a couple of weeks later and now looks like it's a couple of weeks away from bloom. Just saying.

 Not too happy at this pint that I purchased all my bulbs for indoor forcing from Scheepers.  Most are chilling in the refrigerator for a few more weeks, so their test will be later this month.

So glad, in the meantime, that I have some more White Flower Farm gift certificates. Next winter will definitely be more floriferous.  


Celestine said...

Ain't that lovely? Great blog!

Garden Sheds

Commonweeder said...

I forgot about my amaryllis bulbs this year. I wonder if I can get them going at this point. Nothing lost by trying I suppose.