Sunday, January 08, 2012

Winter lawn sports

In the winter, it's something of a New England tradition to create your own backyard skating rink.  Growing up, my husband's family would flood their driveway to make a sheet of ice for testosterone-fueled pick-up hockey games between siblings and cousins. This winter, his brother erected a board and batten rink in the middle of his circular driveway. For the kids, of course. Well, our sloping yard doesn't have level space for skaters, sticks, and pucks, but we do have a small frozen slab in our side yard.  

If the voles and mice that channel paths through the garden this time of year ever decide to take up ice sports, this patch would be the perfect size for their athletic endeavors.

For a brief moment, I can almost see Stuart Little skating between these banks.  Then I remember that he's just a rodent. And rodents are pests.

Our watercourse is simply runoff from the stream that rises further up our hill.  When the ground freezes, the water ices over in the edging ditches along the garden beds and eventually spills on to the lawn.  Over the next few months, the freeze and thaw cycle is not going to be kind to this lawn.  Repairing a mucky patch of dead lawn will probably be on this spring's agenda.  Wonder if Stuart Little ever considered mud-wrestling?

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