Sunday, November 13, 2011

Jump to it!

It was perfect weather over this holiday weekend for jumping through autumn chores.  Cool enough for vigorous lawn mowing (the lazy gardener's way of cleaning up fallen leaves), but still warm enough to get my hands wet.  Some urgent tasks can be checked off, but others need to be completed before winter bears down on us.

1.  Fertilize rhododendrons, hollies, and other broad leaf evergreens with Holly-Tone. Done 11/13/2011
2.  Prune climbing rose "New Dawn."
3.  Cut back perennials. On-going 11/12/2011-12/4/2011
4.  Spread composted manure on beds. 11/27/2011-12/4/2011
5.  Clip iris leaves. 11/12/2011-12/4/2011
6.  Pull and discard tomato and other container plants.  Scrub planters and put away. Done 11/13/2011
7.  Plant spring bulbs.  Done 11/12/2011
8.  Spray "Sky Needle" hollies with anti-dessicant.
9.  Compost fallen leaves after shredding by mowing twice.  Done 11/13/2011.  More, please!
10.  Remove old amaryllises from pots and cool for nine weeks.  In the refrigerator 11/28/2011.  Pot up newly purchased amaryllises. 12/1/2011

Fall harvest: compost bin and wash tub filled with shredded leaves

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