Monday, June 06, 2011

50 daze of daffodils

As if I needed more reasons to adore daffodils--what, their sunny colors, pest resistance, and willingness to naturalize aren't enough?--this year, I learned that season-stretching should be added to the plus column.  From April to June, I've enjoyed fifty delightful days of daffodils.  A longer run is no doubt possible, if you were a more intentional and intelligent gardener than I.

So, here's a fast paced run-down of what was in bloom and when.  No commentary other than the names of the varieties and the dates of the photographs . . . that says it all.

"Marieke" April 16

"White Medal" April 24

"Ice King" April 27

"Hawara" April 28

"Pheasant's Eye" April 28

"Minnow" April 29

"Ceylon" May 1

"Mount Hood" May 3

"Tete a Tete" May 6

"Thalia" June 4

The month of May looks a little sparse. Maybe I don't need any additional reasons, but now I have an excuse at least to plant a few more bulbs.


Nan said...

Oh my gosh, what variety in color and shape, and such a treat to have them spread out over time. I love mine to pieces but they are all pretty much the same yellow with a few that are white, and they all bloom during the same time period. They do last a good while, but not fifty 'daze.' I'm especially fond of your ice king and minnow. But they are all so beautiful.

Mary Joy said...

I love daffodils. That's a very nice photo collection of daffodils.

Mary Joy from Beginner Free Guitar Lessons