Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Spring sunshine

We may be headed into some grey, wet weather over the next few days, but this past weekend was the perfect New England spring: sunny, cool, and breezy.

The weather was great for those necessary but not very interesting tasks: cutting down old growth, weeding, spreading compost, and edging beds.  The most intellectually challenging--and emotionally difficult--task is tidying up perennials.  It's hard to dig up (and even discard) those plants that have wandered outside of where they belong. Teasing wayward daisies out of clumps of lady's mantle, rooting lilies of the valley up from the lawn, re-bedding larkspur that had seeded in all corners of the yard and always, trying to contain this boisterous mass of marsh marigolds . . . but it will be well worth the hard heartedness come summer.  In the meantime, these yellow jolts of happiness definitely spread their own spring sunshine.

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