Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Xeriscaping, round one

Because our long cold winter is finally retreating--yes, temperatures cracked 60 degrees today--and because the snow has almost entirely melted, spring feels in the air. No sightings of bouncing bunnies or blooming forsythia, but the bluebells are starting to chime.

And planning for a new xeriscape-ish bed is underway.  You can see how this area of the yard suffers in the summer heat.  That grey-brown stripe down the middle of the photograph below?  That's lawn.  Dead, dried lawn.  Thanks to drainage renovations and good grading, there's also a flood-resistant basement located to the left of the photograph.  And a ginormous weeping beech to the upper right.  Between the hydrologic effects of humans and nature, this area is receiving none of the water that rises to the surface elsewhere in this little yard.

The preliminary plan includes a mix of drought-tolerant plants.  Some have been languishing elsewhere in the garden: squeezed behind the compost bin, wedged in a corner, or trapped under the hose. Hey, whose garden doesn't host a few such neglected specimens? Others I had better get around to ordering before all the choice selections have sold out.  Anyway, double-click on the photograph to see the plan up close.  I'm calling this round one, because I know there will be many changes before everything has been bedded, mulched, and watered.  I just remembered some coreopsis "Moonbeam" that could happily migrate away from its current location by a dryer vent.

Can't wait to start tearing up that old turf with a pitchfork and spade.

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Ianroniel Baluyut said...

It's a good start at all, it seems that there will be more rounds to go.

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