Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Harvest home

Thanksgiving may be receding in the mirror, but our New England weather still feels like fall.

Lots of chores are on the list this time of year.  Since daytime temperatures are still above 40 degrees, I sprayed an anti-transpirant on the leaves of the "Sky Needle" hollies to prevent winter kill.  

Larkspur seeds that were gathered after flowering and stored in the refrigerator are now directly winter sown.

It's probably too late, but the ground has not frozen, so I will still lightly feed with Holly-Tone the broadleaf evergreens along the front of the house.  Fruiting was sparse this year.

And always the beds need to be top-dressed with composted cow manure.  

Gardening in a cold climate, hurray! 

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Commonweeder said...

It is cold here, and happily very wet, but I am helping people get ready for spring with a Fiskars Giveaway. I hope you'll visit.