Sunday, October 31, 2010

Seasonal slippage

It didn't take trick-or-treaters ringing the doorbell or tonight's forecast freeze warning to announce that the seasons have slipped. Signs are everywhere in the garden.

Even though the dahlias are defying the fall with a final flush of flowers, their foliage has become dull and embrittled by the cooling temperatures.

This "Normandy Painted Pearl" variety sports a glorious color range: the outer petal surfaces are coral-pink-purple and the interiors are yellow and pink.  The blooms change color dramatically as they mature.

This morning, I cut a massive amount of dahlia blossoms. When I put a vase in the dining room, I realized that their pink-yellow-coral palette aligned perfectly with the shot cotton quilt that I am currently piecing.  

Serendipitously, I've found my seasonal slippage sewing project.

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