Wednesday, June 09, 2010


Foxgloves are blooming.  I can't quite figure out how these plants "work."  All I know is that the flashy peach and raspberry cultivars championed by fancy nurseries can't hack our harsh New England winters.  But the common yellow foxglove (Digitalis ambigua)--demure in habit, presentation, and color--does just fine.  It isn't much of an attention-seeker, but it does spark up a dark back corner of the garden.

Care consists entirely of cutting the flower stalks down after they are spent.  The plants themselves move around, bumping up against columbines and anemones, but never elbowing them aside or squeezing them out. A little like a polite but slightly tipsy guest. A big bed of roaming foxgloves, still bounded by this green and yellow hosta, would be quite wonderful.  And maybe they could get really crazy out there!

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Kyna said...

I don't know...a bed of drunken Foxgloves could get quite rowdy, so be careful what you wish for! ;)